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Michigan Approved Senior Network

The Michigan Approved Senior Network

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      If You Were Denied Another Pension Through the VA, You May Still Be Eligible for Aid and Attendance Benefits

      By Dan Gauthier | Aug 22, 2018

      It’s easy for some veterans to make the assumption since they were denied a particular pension through the VA that they would never even be eligible for Aid and Attendance benefits. However, that is simply not the case. The income and asset threshold limits for Aid and Attendance are different than they are for other…

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      Understanding WHO Qualifies for the Aid and Attendance Benefit May Help Aging Veterans in Need of Home Care

      By Romy Crawford | Aug 20, 2018

      Confusion is one reason some veterans never seriously pursue Aid and Attendance benefits, especially when they need care and support at home. For veterans under 65, they need to be considered completely disabled in order to qualify for Aid and Attendance or Homebound pension benefits. For veterans 65 or over, they don’t need to be…

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      Sometimes, You Don’t Truly Understand or Appreciate Your Limitations Until You’re Pressed Up Against Them

      By Dan Gauthier | Jul 23, 2018

      People often don’t really know what they are ‘made of’ until they reach their limitations. They assume they aren’t capable of various challenges, until they have to go through extreme situations and somehow manage to get beyond them. It’s amazing what the average person is truly capable of, but for the average family caregiver, limits…

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      Hallucinations Can Happen for Those with Alzheimer’s, but It’s How You Handle Those Situations That Matters

      By Romy Crawford | Jul 16, 2018

      Alzheimer’s will affect the brain to the point where the individual might actually believe they are in a different place, in a different year, or see things that aren’t actually there. These hallucinations can be unsettling to family and friends, especially if they have no prior experience with Alzheimer’s or any other form of dementia.…

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      There’s Only So Much You Can Do to Help a Senior Improve Their Safety

      By Dan Gauthier | Jun 25, 2018

      You could be beating your head against the wall, or at least feel like that’s exactly what you’re doing to help improve safety for some elderly person in your life. However, if the senior doesn’t take their safety seriously and they have no desire to make changes, there is really little you can do. This…

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      If a Senior Falls in the Shower, What’s the Best Strategy to Help Them Back Up

      By Romy Crawford | Jun 18, 2018

      You’ve probably heard it said that the bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in the house, especially for the elderly. Therefore, as a caregiver, it is important to know what the best strategy is for helping a senior up who has taken a fall while in the shower. Anna would often stop by…

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