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Michigan Approved Senior Network

The Michigan Approved Senior Network

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Michigan Approved Senior Network Providers

      The Benefits of Daily Probiotics

      By Jessica Lener, MSN, RN | Jan 18, 2018

      Senior Nutrition and Wellness: Probiotics are a hot topic in heath care conversations these days, but what exactly is a probiotic and how can it be beneficial to our health?

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      Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

      By Jessica Lener, MSN, RN | Jan 16, 2018

      Senior Tips and Ideas: With the New Year upon us, we often like to reflect on the previous year and what we can do to better our upcoming one. How was 2017 for you? Did you spend enough time doing the things you enjoyed? What do you hope to accomplish this year and what are you going to do to make 2018 count? 

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      Is It Possible to Keep a Senior from Using a Stepladder Anymore?

      By Dan Gauthier | Jan 16, 2018

      The site was something Alyssa had never imagined seeing. She went over to visit with her mother and father and there he was, at 82, struggling to climb the ladder outside the house. “Dad,” she said, “what in the world are you doing?” He looked down at her, and she could’ve sworn there was a…

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      Steps That Might Help an Older Person to Start Getting Rid of ‘Stuff’

      By Romy Crawford | Jan 8, 2018

      Eliminating ‘junk’ from one’s life is not always easy. It’s made much more difficult when that person is considered a ‘hoarder,’ or someone who just seems to collect stuff and has some excuse for why it is sentimental and why they don’t want to get rid of it. For a senior, their safety can become…

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      What Home Care Option Would Be Best for Someone Who Needs Help Bathing?

      By Dan Gauthier | Dec 21, 2017

      It’s not something people really want to think much about it, but if there comes a time in the future when an individual has difficulty stepping into and out of the tub, their personal hygiene may decline. That’s because they would rather not risk falling in the shower/tub and instead wash their face and other…

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      What Help Is Available for Veterans Struggling with Daily Life?

      By Romy Crawford | Dec 18, 2017

      Sometimes, most of us would probably admit we feel as though life throws too many challenges our way. Even those of us who happen to be incredibly strong, fit, and healthy may feel overwhelmed at times. It could be relationship challenges, financial stressors, or even physical limitations. When we feel overwhelmed, where do we turn?…

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