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The Michigan Approved Senior Network

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      That Caregiver Stress You Feel Can Be Exacerbated by Caffeine

      By Dan Gauthier | Mar 15, 2017

      Every so often it’s good to be reminded of things that can cause us unnecessary challenges. When you’re a family caregiver, perhaps taking care of your elderly mother, father, spouse, or other loved one, you will probably be dealing with a tremendous amount of stress as time marches on. Caffeine could be exacerbating that stress.…

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      Severe Weather and How It Can Affect Safety for Seniors

      By Romy Crawford | Mar 9, 2017

      Just about any time of the year severe weather can be a serious threat. Depending on where you live in the country, severe weather can involve tornadoes, strong thunderstorms, flood risks, and much more. Whether a senior is living alone or not, severe weather can be something potentially dangerous to them. This is especially true…

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      The Best Way to Support a Parent Who Has Been Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s

      By Dan Gauthier | Feb 21, 2017

      Alzheimer’s Care in Kentwood MI A parent has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Whether it’s your mother, father, stepparent, in law, or some other relation, it’s not an easy thing to deal with. You want to be supportive, but maybe you don’t know what that means. Many people have no idea what to expect in the…

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      When a Loved One Has Alzheimer’s, What Are the Thoughts That Go Through Your Mind

      By Romy Crawford | Feb 8, 2017

      Alzheimer’s Care in Mason MI The day may be dark, dreary, and cold, or it could be extremely bright, sunny, and warm, but when you first find out that a parent or other close relative has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, everything can feel like it becomes darker. Your thoughts may go through a number…

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      3 Ways to Help a Senior Change Their Diet Following a Hospitalization

      By Romy Crawford | Jan 30, 2017

      Reduce Hospital Readmission Rates in East Lansing MI Changing one’s diet is not easy, especially for an elderly individual who has developed certain habits and expectations throughout the course of a lifetime. Following a hospital stay, it may be absolutely essential for an elderly person to change their diet to not just help with recovery,…

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      Mom May Be Eligible for Some Aid and Attendance Benefits Because of Your Veteran Father

      By Dan Gauthier | Jan 24, 2017

      Care for Aging Veterans in Hudsonville MI Your father served during the Korean War. He often talked fondly of the men he served with, but didn’t get into many details with regard to his time in service. You know he saw combat and lost friends, but beyond that he never really talked much about it.…

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