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Michigan Approved Senior Network

The Michigan Approved Senior Network

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      Senior Nutrution and Wellness: How To Keep Your Joints Healthy

      By Oscar Isacsson, M.S., CSCS | May 23, 2017

      Everyone has experienced joint pain at some point in their life. This can be very annoying and decrease the quality of life. There are several things you can do to maintain healthy joints and keep them strong. Just like any other tissue in the body they need a little bit of maintenance, nutrition, and rest.

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      Considering Home Care Options Before It’s ‘Too Late’

      By Dan Gauthier | May 15, 2017

      You’ve been worried about your father for some time. He’s been living alone, widowed, for more than three years. He lives in the next town over from you and every couple of days you’ve been stopping by to check in on him. You’ve assisted him with a lot of things, but you worry about his…

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      Get Stronger and Improve Your Brain Health with Potassium, Creatine, and Beets!

      By Oscar Isacsson, M.S., CSCS | May 15, 2017

      Senior Nutrition and Wellness: Does this sound too good to be true? It kind of does but here are the cool facts. These three nutrients can be used to make your body stronger, as well as make your brain perform better. Both of these characteristics are super important for healthy aging.

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      More Muscle For Better Aging

      By Oscar Isacsson, M.S., CSCS | May 11, 2017

      Senior Nutrition and Wellness: Staying healthy as you get older should obviously be a high priority for everyone. There are many things you can do to combat the negative effects of aging. Increasing age does not have to mean that your physical strength and ability will deteriorate. One of the most effective ways to combat aging is to get as much muscle mass as possible or maintain what you have.

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      Hiring a Home Care Aide Could Help Improve Your Relationship with Mom

      By Romy Crawford | May 8, 2017

      In recent weeks you’ve noticed certain things changing in the relationship you have with your mother. You have been taking care of her as best you can, but tension is beginning to mount. You never really thought about home care options before, but now you go home late at night frustrated, angry, and feeling completely…

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      4 Tips for Adult Child Helping a Parent with Alzheimer’s

      By Dan Gauthier | Apr 17, 2017

      As an adult child you may be worried about your elderly mother or father. When they have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, you might feel it’s your responsibility to step up and take care of them. It is certainly a noble gesture, but it is by no means your responsibility. However, as a family member…

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